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SLICE is a compact LED spot lamp with minimal yet unique characteristics. The tubular body of the spot is cut on its side, revealing its heat-sink and enabling the lamp to efficiently cool down. At the back, SLICE features a discreet multi-directional hinge, and at the front, a subtle slanted edge gives a distinctive accent to its design, whilst directing the light beam.

Client TossB (BE)
Year of design 2016
Materials Steel
SLICE Track L24cm x W7,5cm x H7,5cm
SLICE Spot 1 L19cm x W16cm x H15cm
SLICE Spot 2 L30cm x W16cm x H15cm
SLICE Spot 3 L45cm x W16cm x H15cm
SLICE Track: LED dimmable, 2700K, 230V, 13W, class 1
SLICE Spot 1 : LED dimmable, 2700K, 230V, 13W, class 1
SLICE Spot 2: LED dimmable, 2700K, 230V, 2x13W, class 1
SLICE Spot 3: LED dimmable, 2700K, 230V, 3x13W, class 1
2 Colourways Black; White
Prices VAT incl.
SLICE Track: € 285
SLICE Spot 1 : € 357
SLICE Spot 2: € 545
SLICE Spot 3: € 732

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